Retail Intelligence

Transforming Visual Data into Actionable Business Intelligence


Count customers and identify them by age and gender. Gain valuable intelligence to better understand what merchandise to stock.

  • Augment People Counters with personalised data.
  • Optimize Store Inventory based on the target demographics.
  • Customized promotions based on demographics.
  • Display relevant advertisements.
  • Offer personlised customer experience.
  • Compare Data across multiple location to make more informed decisions.

    Count customers that enter your stores and determine optimal staffing levels for peak customer periods.

  • Accurate count of people entering and leaving store.
  • Measure Conversion Ratios.
  • Measure the number of group entering the store, exclude staff.
  • Track the most important KPI for your retail business.
  • Stock the high value items at high traffic locations.
  • Measure impact of marketing campaigns
  • Charge Advertising rates based on footfall.
  • Optimise Staff.

    Capture Unique and Repeat Customers

  • Using state-of-art Face Recoginition, capture the unique vs repeat customers as soon as they walk-in to your store.
  • Establish metric of loality for your customers across your store/brand
  • Personlise experience to the most loyal customers.
  • Smart Stores with Agrex Retail AI

    • Easy Installations.
    • User configurable automated reports.
    • Cloud-based dashboard for real-time¬†information.
    • No Video/Photo/Personal information saved
    • Low capital expenditure and operational expenses.
    • High Accuracy levels.¬†

    Agrex Video content analysis (AVCA) is the capability of automatically analysing video to detect and determine events in real time. The algorithms can be implemented as software on machines fulfilling general purposes, or as hardware in specialized video processing units. Based on the internal representation that VCA generates in the machine, it is possible to build other functionalities such as identification, behaviour analysis or other forms of awareness. Video content analysis is a subset of computer vision and thereby of artificial intelligence.

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