Make Physical Spaces Smart

By using advanced Video Analytics and converting CCTV footage into actionable intelligence

Take aways at a glance

Derive Operational Intelligence

Attain Situational Awareness

Accelerate Investigations

Improve Security of Physical Spaces

Utilise CCTV cameras to protect sensitive establishments and installations. Identify in real-time :

  • All people entering by using Face Recognition
  • Breaches of boundary walls, fences and custom perimeters
  • Suspicious Behaviour like loitering
  • Unusual Activity like violence, theft
  • Other misc events like Weapon Detection, Anomaly Detection

Make Retail Stores Smart by using AI

Use existing cameras in your retail store to analyse :

  • Who your customers are?
  • How they interact with your store
  • Identify operational bottlenecks
  • Prevent Shrinkage
  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Security

Key Features of the Technology

Uses existing infrastructure

Works with existing cameras

Including Thermal/IR cameras

Plug and Play

Start using from day 1

Scaleable across 100s of cameras.

100% GDPR Compatible

Encrypted to protect data integrity.

Lightweight neural networks

Fast, and require low capex

Clients and Partners