Make your facilities smart by using Video Analytics

AIVIS Video Analytics is powered by an advanced Artificial Intelligence engine that can generate detailed insights about the performance of your facility.

  • Automate your monitoring tasks
  • Save upto 50% in manpower and monitoring costs
  • Improve compliance to SOPs by 70%
  • Enhance security by 50%


With fully automated real-time alerts, easy deployment and actionable insights, stands as a reliable solution for futuristic video monitoring and business growth.

Increase Sales and Conversion

Ensure SOP Compliance

Reduce Security Costs

Improve Resource Utilisation

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Camera Channels
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Our Video Analytics Products

Our Verticals

  • Analyse customer footfall
  • Generate usage heat maps
  • Monitor staff compliance
  • Monitor warehouse operations
  • Ensure SOP compliance
  • Reduce theft and damage
  • Improve hygiene levels
  • Ensure Staff Compliance
  • Enforce cleaning roster
  • Monitor ATM security
  • Get real-time alerts
  • Suspicious Behaviour
  • Automated CCTV Monitoring
  • Real-time alerts 
  • Intrusion Detection


Easy Deployment

Use Existing Infra

Real-Time Info

Data Security

State-of-the-art Performance

Fast Support

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