automated cctv monitoring

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Automated CCTV Monitoring ensures that your CCTV system is performing up to spec and is giving you the results that you expect.

In most facilities, CCTV systems are found to be partially/fully not working that could lead to significant lapses in security and compliance.

With’s artificial intelligence-based CCTV health monitoring, make sure that your establishment is safe and secure.

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How can Automatically Monitor CCTVs

You no longer have to find out the hard way that one of your cameras is down or your recording device is not recording

With our system you will know instantly, and take immediate action

Automated CCTV Monitoring Alerts

cctv monitoring
Hardware not working
cctv monitoring
Video Loss
CCTV monitoring
Camera not recording
cctv monitoring
Camera Angle Changed
cctv monitoring
Camera tampered
cctv monitoring
Camera blacked out

How does it work?

  1. Existing CCTV network including the NVR is connected via LAN to’s custom hardware or Cloud. 
  2. In case any anomaly is found by our artificial intelligence engine, and alert is generated and sent to the customer client dashboard, email ID and a phone number.
  3. Details like location, photo and timestamp are included with that alert.
  4. Based on that alert and immediate action is taken.

Benefits of CCTV Health Monitoring?

Prevent theft

Reduce security operating Costs

Improve range of surveillance

Ensure compliance with SOPs CCTV  Monitoring services are useful for :

cctv security