Introduction to Retail Analytics

One of the largest retailers and leading manufacturer of footwear in India was looking for retail video analytics to improve their stores with respect to customer satisfaction and sales.


With Video Analytics and Customer Intelligence service, they could measure their store performance including staff, customers, operational challenges in a quantitative and real-time fashion.


  1. The valuable insight of ‘How many people visited the store on the day/week/month’ and ‘How many customers showed interest in the item on sale’, helped them to optimize merchandizing.
  2. With the help of emotions chart, the store could compare responses to products and determine which products evoked happy/satisfied emotions, which potentially helped the store make better marketing decisions.
  3. Gender/Age/Mood data enhanced the customers engagement level, helped the stores to improve the stock needs of diverse customer baseand got the better understanding of which is the best place to put items in order to maximize sales.
  4. With the holistic insights on in-store customers using dwell time analysis, store could measure the customer engagement with products whose presentation enticed the customers to purchase.
  5. Talking about the security, the store had the real time alerting in case of intrusion. An alert for perimeter protection and theft detection. There is minimum false alarm rate because of video image analysis based on machine learning technology. The same device turns into a store intrusion device even after the store is shut.
  6. Store could measure the impact of an ongoing sale/an ad to a passerby. They could detect the face’s movement and for how long duration.


With the insights generated by the AI – Video Analytics solution, the following results were obtained  : 


  1. Increase in Conversion Ratio by double-digit percentage
  2. More effective and measurable marketing compaigns.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction
  4. Improve store staff efficiency
  5. Decreased shrinkage


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