Battlefield Management System


  1. GIS/Map based blue force tracking and situational awareness
  2. Get real-time locations of Soldiers, APCs, IFVs, Tanks along with info like speed, heading, status
  3. Get live video from assets deployed to see the on-ground situation



Common Operational Picture

Blue Force Tracking with GIS

Real-time position and heading of APCs, IFVs, Soldiers etc

Live Video Streaming


Situational Awarenes


Navigation and Management

Surveillance and Reconnaissance


  1. Get real-time information of blue forces overlaid on GIS
  2. Information available in different hierarchies like Field Commander, Company Commander and soldier level
  3. Information available via Tablet/Phone/Central Laptop
  4. Optional enhancements like Live Video Streaming
  5. Highly adaptable, customisable and flexible : Integrates with other systems like C2 Systems and can integrate with different sensors
  6. Usability in Combat Post, Vehicles and Dismounted Soldier levels
  7. Encrypted transmission of data for security