hygiene compliance

Ensure hygiene and SOP compliance monitoring with Agrex.ai Video Analytics.

Major challenges in the food / beverage production industry

Food quality

How does Agrex.ai Video Analytics help?

Hygiene Compliance

  • Hairnet Detection
  • Gloves Detection
  • Face Mask Detection
  • PPE Detection

Cleanliness Compliance Monitoring

  • Vacuum / Mopping in a certain time.
  • Frequency & detection of hand wash.
  • Any other SOP Compliance

Manufacturing Compliance Monitoring

Major Challenges in the manufacturing industry

cctv monitoring
Efficient Monitoring
How does Agrex.ai Video Analytics Help
  • Detection of PPE, Safety Gloves, Safety Jackets, Headgear, Eyewear, Uniform 
  • Our smart video analytics camera will send an alert if any worker is seen around the hazardous machinery 
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Night-time intrusion
  • Detect unauthorized person accessing restricted area
  • Monitor activity of production line staff
  • Streamline day-to-day operations

Why Agrex.ai?

easy deployment
Easy Deployment

Takes < 1 hour to deploy our smart solutions with minimal modifications to existing infra

existing infrastructure
Use Existing Infra

Existing CCTVs, Network etc can be used leading to greater resource utilisation

real-time data

Real-time data collection and alerts, for quicker and more robust decision making

security of data

Security of Data : All data is encrypted and protected with Cyber security

best accuracy
Highest Accuracy

Our in-house AI engine provides the best in class accuracy leading to more reliable results

fast support
Fast Support

We have fast support teams leading to every query being resolved quickly