Mandatory Requirements/Guidelines of Hygiene in the Kitchen/Production factories are:

  • Hairnet
  • Gloves
  • Face Masks

Since its difficult to monitor manually, smart video surveillance has become an utmost importance in the Restaurants, Cloud Kitchens, Hospitals, Production factories.

How It Works?

  1. We have the object detection models, which detect the presence of these items at all times and in the absence, an alarm can be raised.
  2. Ensured highest level of food safety are met.
  3. In healthcare centres, it monitors hand hygiene compliance and its impact.
  4. It helped achieve new levels of situational awareness to help address accidents, track actions and streamline operations
  5. This not just monitor production line staff but also day-to-day operations, potential hazards and incidents on theft and tampering.


  1. The compliance increased drastically after this strategy was implemented.
  2. It took care of the mandatory requirements and reduce the workload of the supervisors that further leads to cost saving.
  3. It enabled in overcoming the drawbacks associated with conventional systems such as inaccurate monitoring and wastage of resources like time and labor.