Retail Video Analytics

Convert your store into a smart store by utilising advanced Video Analytics

Make your store into a smart store

Who are your customers?

How do they interact with your store?

What are the bottlenecks in your store operations?

How can you reduce your losses and increase sales?

Is your store safe for your customers?

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Customer Intelligence

Most retailers have limited information about their customers. 80% of the customers walk-out without a purchase. 

We help retailers collect information about all the visitors. Information like : 

  • Number of Visits
  • Demographics (Age, Gender)
  • Moods (Happy, Sad, Satisfied, Neutral)
  • Unique vs Repeat Customers including avg number of visits. 

This information can be integrated with Point-of-Sale/Checkout system to generate useful insights about your customers.

Customer Activity

Decisions on resource utilisation like Real estate, workforce based on intuition rather than real data.’s Customer Mapping solution tracks customers in real-time across the store and generates a heatmap of real-estate utilisation and customer paths for retailers in an easy to view format. Using the solution :

  • Identify the best and worst performing areas of the store
  • Qualitatively determine if the real-estate is being used effectively and optimally
  • Identify the “attraction metric” of different displays, advertisements
  • A/B Test products and locations to determine best performers 

Retail Operations

Most of the retail operations are done manually which has the dual disadvantage of being high in cost and low in scalability.’s advanced Video Analytics uses existing cameras to identify bottlenecks in store operations. Identify : 

  • Cleanliness of shop floor and aisles including spillage
  • Queue Length Alerts
  • Congestion alerts
  • Any deviation from store SOPs

Loss Prevention / Shrinkage

20% – 50% of store profits are lost due to theft, stock-outs and other preventable reasons.

With’s in-store Video Analytics, identify : 

  • Suspicious Behaviour to prevent in-aisle theft
  • Unusual after-hours activity including perimeter intrusion
  • Staff related loss prevention alerts
  • Face Recognition for suspicious faces/repeat offenders

Safety and Security

As a real-estate operation, retailers need to ensure that the stores are compliant with safety and security standards. They also need to ensure the security of the store and it’s customers.

In that regard,’s Video Analytics can help in : 

  • Detecting unattended objects including those block emergency exits and other key transit areas
  • Detect camera blocking and tampering
  • Real time alerts on absence of security staff from designated locations
  • Any kind of anomaly detection eg, Violence, Burglary, Shoplifting

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