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Is your store safe for your customers? For Retail taps into your video infrastructure to implement data harvesting and analytical tools that enable smart conversion insights and audience segmentation. Inventory, sales, marketing and customer parameters are crunched through the forces of AI to deliver a unified dashboard that effectively perceives and predicts your modus operandi.

Retail Video Analytics streamlines repetitive tasks to enhance user evaluation and experience in day-to-day operations. The correlation metrics allow you to maximize revenue per square foot and mitigate bounce rates in all areas. 

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Consumer Tracking

  1. Gain evidence-based acumen through varied datasets of age, gender, area footfall, movement maps, shelf placement and planograms.
  2. An  intuitive dashboard identifies the performance of your retail operations depending on how the consumers navigate through the aisles.

Operation Optimization

  1. With Artificial Intelligence we  spot redundancies, trends and variances from your current and historical data.
  2. Workflow visualizations help identify any loopholes in the system to generate correlated solutions that debug such scenarios instantly.

Customize Sales Strategy for better conversion

  1. Focus on generating insights that correspond to your line of profitability. The comprehensive dashboard access lets you craft your own visual guide for fast, responsive and robust decision making.
  2. Aggregation of multiple inputs allows you to categorize and segregate data points driving personalized outcomes embedded to serve your financial and functional goals.

Smart Retail with Artificial Intelligence

Customer Intelligence and Behaviour

  1. Demographics, emotions and movement data are collected and transformed to establish revenue modifiers and campaigning prospects.
  2. Tools like Heat maps, Customer Paths, Shelf Analytics and Eye Tracking fuel forecasts for improving your demand, supply and pricing strategies.  

Retail Operations

Staff efficiency, profit matrix, inventory service levels and consumption patterns surface out untapped opportunities and overlooked severances.  Real-time alerts keep you on top of the changing scenarios and bottlenecks.

Loss Prevention

  1. Facial recognition, suspicious behaviour and unusual activity are analysed to mitigate shelf-sweep events, set thresholds and react intuitively.
  2. Workforce management and perimeter intrusions are engineered as on-demand tools to reduce inefficiencies and internal friction.
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