Secure your establishment by recognising suspicious behaviour, unauthorised presence and more with Agrex Security.

Manual Camera Monitoring is outdated

Securing large establishments requires more than manual surveillance

Multiple sentries are required to monitor a large number of cameras 24×7, making it expensive and unscalable.

Any breach requires users to sift through hours of footage for identification

No real-time alerts, and any analysis can only be done post facto

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Face Recognition System

Using the FRS system, a track of all people inside a premises can be kept and their movements tracked within the establishment by the use of existing CCTVs. 

FRS can be used for Gate Management System and as a surveillance tool to prevent unsuitable elements to enter a campus

Key Features

With an accuracy of 99.7% in Face Recognition, the system is robust to changes in face such as age, beard, sunglasses, and other minor disguises. 

End-to-end encryption to ensure data protection and integrity. User-configurable reports with detailed fields. 

Fully automatic and capable of scaling across 100s of cameras, and extracting, matching and recognising faces in real-time

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Using an intrusion detection system for perimeters protection in a premises ensures that real-time breach alerts can be generated and the threat can be neutralised quickly and efficiently. 

Key Features

AI based human activity detection system with more than 95% accuracy. Alarms for suspicious behaviour, unauthorised entry etc

Works with existing infrastructure and all kinds of cameras and EO sensors : Thermal, IR, CCTV etc

Human Behaviour Detection like running, fighting, theft, violence etc. Weapon Detection (including rifles, pistols, knife etc)

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