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Security Video Analytics based systems that work in conjunction to help protect and monitor sensitive areas

intrusion detection monitoring
cctv compliance monitoring
Face Recognition System

Using the FRS system, a track of all people  inside premises can be kept and their  movements tracked within the establishment  by the use of existing CCTVs.

Intrusion Detection System

Using an intrusion detection system for  perimeters protection in premises ensures  that real-time breach alerts can be generated  and the threat can be neutralized quickly and  efficiently.

Face Recognition System

  • Artificial Intelligence based system which gives an accuracy of 99.7%. Robust technology that is resistant to variances in age, pose, ethnicity, and changes in the face (beard growth, fatness/thinness, sunglasses, etc)
  • Fully automatic recognizes people as soon as they walk in front of the camera
  • User configurable auto-generated reports with detailed fields
  • Capability to scale across 100s of cameras, extract and match faces in real-time.
  • End-to-end Encryption to protect data integrity
Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
  • Artificial Intelligence based Human Activity Tracking System with >95% human detection accuracy
  • Alarms for Unauthorised Fence Crossing, Line Crossing, Zone Entry, Suspicious behavior, weapon detection, etc
  • Left Object/Removed Object Detection
  • Camera Tamper Detection
  • Works with all kinds of cameras including Thermal Vision/IR cameras
Night Intrusion Detection System
  •’s smart analytics detects the entry and exit of people as well as objects while recognizing and classifying them within the system’s virtual lines.
  • Based on a zone concept, it configures the alarm areas and transmits any unauthorized movement during the night especially when the office is shut.
  • Operating in real-time reduces the staffing role to give you custom access over the boundaries. 

How does it work?

  • Modular Architecture. Ability to use existing CCTVs and infrastructure and work in a standalone or integrated fashion
  • Can be integrated with other 3rd party systems like Command and Control Systems
  • Video Analytics Server is deployed at the location and automatically starts processing the video feeds.
  • Completely local operation; No internet required.
  • User configurable audio and video alerts for action to be taken


Easy Deployment

Takes < 1 hour to deploy our smart solutions with minimal modifications to existing infra

Use Existing Infra

Existing CCTVs, Network etc can be used leading to greater resource utilisation


Real-time data collection and alerts, for quicker and more robust decision making


Security of Data : All data is encrypted and protected with Cyber security

best accuracy
Highest Accuracy

Our in-house AI engine provides the best in class accuracy leading to more reliable results

Fast Support

We have fast support teams leading to every query being resolved quickly