Predictive Policing

What? Where? When? Predict crime before it happens and prevent it.
Utilise the power of OSINT

Analyse Open and Closed Source Data

Collect data from a multitude of different sources : 

  1. Social Media : Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc
  2. News Reports : Text, Videos, Images
  3. Police Reports
  4. Phone recordings
  5. CCTV cameras (Faces, Vehicles etc)

Analyse all the data including voice recordings, text, images, videos using a proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine and extract type of crime, locations, names, time and date. 

Turn Data into Actionable Information

Using’s proprietary engine, utilise the data extracted from OSINT, predict where and when crime is likely to occur. Different information for type of crime such as :

  1. Violent Crime
  2. Crime against women
  3. Petty Crime
  4. etc

Predict when and where crime according to type will happen so that more resources can be allocated towards deterrence. Predictive Patrolling can help deter criminal with the police presence.

Optimise Resource and Manpower Usage

With’s predictive policing solution, effectively utilise manpower resources by recommendations on when and where to patrol. 

Get heatmaps on patrolling patterns, crime prediction to :

  1. Improve response times
  2. Reduce crime via deterrence
  3. Improve situational awareness